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Focusing and Focusing-Related Workshops are facilitated by
Esther Stenberg MD

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9:30 am to 4:30 pm, October 5, 2019

This experiential workshop is an introduction to Focusing and the bodily felt sense. The philosophy and steps of Focusing were presented by Eugene Gendlin, Ph. D. in his book Focusing in 1981.  There are now different forms and variations of Focusing, based on Gendlin's original principles and steps. This workshop is based on Biospiritual Focusing, as originally taught by Ed McMahon & Peter Campbell.

This workshop is intended to help you gain an understanding of the process of Focusing by participating in body and breath awareness exercises and by attending to your own bodily felt sense with friendly curiosity. There will be opportunities for you to develop and/or improve your ability to observe and sense into bodily felt sensations, and discover how attending gently to the “felt sense” of an issue can ultimately lead to a more settled or peaceful state within yourself.  For anyone who is in the helping field and works with the body, the skills learned in this workshop may improve your & your clients' satisfaction of the therapeutic process.

This workshop is a prerequisite for Level 2.  Level 2 is recommended for those who intend to facilitate Focusing for themselves, friends or clients.

COST: $126 ($120 & GST), lunch & refreshments provided. The cost for people repeating Level 1 is $60 & GST.

Bring a water bottle or travel mug and a notebook and pen and wear comfortable clothing.

Overnight stay on Friday &/or Saturday night is $11 ($10 plus GST&PST). Bring your own food for supper and breakfast.


Limit of 8 people.



9:30 am to 4:30 pm,October 6, 2019

There will an afternoon practice starting at 1:00 pm which all previous Level 2 participants are invited to attend.

This workshop will emphasize the finer points and steps within the principles of Focusing during the facilitation of another's process.  You will learn ways of helping yourself and others move through the process, while going through the process from the perspective of various roles: Observer, Listener and Focuser. By the end of the workshop, you will have gained more confidence in facilitating Focusing for yourself and others.  With practice, during and after the workshop, you will be able to be more present in the moment and thus to be more in charge of your response to situations in life. You might also be eager to integrate the principles and philosophy of Focusing into your professional health practice or other work.

A handout which describes BioSpiritual Focusing step-by-step will be provided.

N.B . Certification as a Focusing Facilitator is not available by participating in these workshops.

COST: $73.50 ($70 plus GST), lunch and refreshments included.Please let us know of any food sensitivities or allergies. Bring a water bottle or travel mug.

The cost for people who are repeating Level 2 is $36.75 ($35 plus GST).

If you come only for the practice which starts at 1 pm, cost is by donation (suggested $5).

Overnight stay is $11 ($10 plus GST & PST). Bring your own food other than for lunch.


Limit of 12 people.

Participants are encouraged to attend more than one Level 2 workshop since practice and review are essential in finding your own comfort zone and style. If you want to facilitate Biospiritual Focusing for others or do solo Focusing, it is recommended that you come to several workshops in Level 2, and stay for practice sessions which are on the afternoon of a Level 2 workshop.


Grandmother Medicine Presents
Remembering the Truth of Who You Are
an experiential workshop at Ancient Spirals Retreat.

10:30 am Friday, May 24, 2019 to 2:30 pm Monday, May 27, 2019

Grandmother Medicine is a program for adults seeking to know themselves and how they fit into something ‘beyond self’. This 4 day intensives moves participants through the clues in their own stories and the required clearings and retrievals, to a connection with a higher purpose and the ability to manifest that purpose.

Joanne Neddow, developer and facilitator, retired in recent years from a long career in Social Work, and now offers this dynamic program as her ‘medicine’ to others.

Participants’ reflections on their experience of the GM Medicine program:

“.....the heaviness inside me started to shed. I learned to trust the feminine.........I learned to start standing tall in my life experiences.” Pam

“……It opens the gates of transformation in a simple way that is full of pleasant surprises.” Esther S

“Joanne created a safe space for self-inquiry that allowed me to look at my whole life journey, clear blocks and negative beliefs about myself and see life wounds as sacred scars. …brought me much closer to the sacred feminine.” Robert W.

“Joanne guides you through an inner exploration that removes blocks from living a fulfilling life in only four transformative days!” PM

"The workshop came at a perfect time, to help me recover from an accident: to feel supported by community, engage more fully in this unique healing process and to carry forward and integrate what I learned into my uncharted but new life." Kathleen.

COST: $379 includes all supplies.

Registration or inquiries about the workshop: Please contact Joanne Neddow by May 10, 2019 at or
phone 1-(306)-435-8277.

Maximum of 12 people.

Accommodation and meals: Overnight stay is $10 & tax per night. There are 6 beds in a common area.

Please bring the food for your own meals and if you choose, for potluck at lunch and/or supper times. Lunch provided on Monday, no charge.

For booking accommodations, please contact Esther at



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