Ancient Spirals Retreat enables both groups and individuals to rent the space, so fees vary depending on the nature of use of the facility and number of people using the space. General information and rates are noted below for September 2015 to September 2016. If you wish to book the Retreat, or have any further questions, please contact us at retreat@ancientspirals.com.
or phone (306) 374-0450

*A Check IN and OUT time is in effect.
You may check-in at 8:00am and check-out at 5:00pm.

  • Earlier arrival (ie: the previous evening; no earlier than 7:30pm) if we are able to accommodate, a $60 charge will apply. The $60 charge also applies for accommodating late departures in the late evening or early morning at 10am. *Please inquire availability for early arrival or late departure at the time of booking
  • • Arrivals between 8am – 7pm, and departures after 10am will be invoiced for the day’s rate.

There is an additional fee of $100+ taxes  for bookings over 16 people,
and a maximum of 50 people on premises.

Ancient Spirals Retreat includes a clean environment using no harsh chemicals, however we cannot guarantee pet and dander free areas. We have a regularly changing door entry code, a recycling box (not to be used as a garbage box), a barbecue (propane not included), seasonal firewood upon request (axe or hatchet not included), a sand-filled bucket ashtray on the east deck, and an iPod compatible and CD stereo. WiFi services are no longer available.


Weekend bookings confirm with a $130 non-refundable & non-transferable deposit.
Please mail payments to:
PO Box 7844 Stn Main,
Saskatoon, SK. S7K4R5

Or e-Transfer payments to:

Ancient Spirals is able to accommodate overnight stays for a $10 overnight fee + taxes, per person, per night: up to 10-11 people comfortably indoors, and extra supplied floor mats may be used for an additional 6 people overnight.

There is also additional space for camping outdoors, however the max capacity of people on premises must not exceed 50 people. Tent spaces available for $30/per tent, however please do not place in tall grass areas and watch for cactai..

There is an additional fee of $120+ taxes  for over 17 people onsite as a one-time charge for each booking, and a max of 50 people on the premises.

General Rates:

  • Weekends (Friday through Sunday)
    $240+GST rental per day.

  • Weekdays (Monday through Thursday)
    $100+GST per day

Family Retreats / Non-Profit Organizations:

  • Weekends (Friday through Sunday)
    $180+GST rental per day.
  • Weekdays (Monday through Thursday)
    $90+GST per day
Additional Amenities Available (+ GST & PST)

Projector Screen


TV, DVD rental

$10 per day

$15 for first day

(w/overhead) request price

$10 each additional day

*Ancient Spirals reserves the right to change pricing without notice.