Outdoor Amenities

Ancient Spirals Retreat offers beautiful views of the South Saskatchewan River and valley. Various outdoor amenities include:

·      scenic trails to the Saskatchewan river (great for cross-country skiing in the winter)

·      sweat lodge area

·      deck with patio chairs

·      fire pit with built in seating

·      labyrinths- spiral chakra labyrinth and a 37.2 m (122 ft) diameter circular labyrinth

·      tipis


 Labyrinths are used for group or individual meditation. The circular labyrinth was made by locating the seven point seed pattern and trimming the grass in the desired arcs from the centre. It is 122 ft in diameter and spans the width of the meadow. Just follow the path from the house towards the river and through the meadow to the spiral labyrinth entrance.

The meadow labrynth is open for walking from June to September end. Its mowed every two weeks through this period.


On the day of a Full Moon, June 30, 2007, a group of energetic friends helped put up two tipis, one within full view of the house and the other lower down the hill. The tipis will be available for campouts and will be used for events during the summer months.

Their location will vary through the summer. The lower tipi has a liner installed for a more comfortable stay and was newly purchased from Assinaboine Tipis Canada in 2011.

Flora and Fauna

Deer frequent the area through the year. You may also see other smaller animals such as rabbits and ground squirrels. Various birds are here including geese, ducks, hawks and owls. There are many flowering plants both indoor and outdoors in the spring and summer.

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